日本賑災快報‎(十)‎:Relief news from Japan‎(10)‏‏


以下是由泛宇救難隊隊員 Dada Ganadevananda所做的報告:


今天,我們開始教授第一次的瑜伽課, 但因為大多數居民都去參加某位受難者的葬禮,所以大概只有12位 左右的災民參加。他們來自不同年齡層:從幼兒至九十歲的長者! 在這個狀況下,並沒有所謂的標準動作, 我們只是希望大家能伸展一下筋骨,並透過放鬆與舒緩的動作, 緩和多日來的緊張。課程中進行中,明顯感覺大家隨著肢體的律動, 心情也跟著放鬆,課後的交談也變得更熱絡。

在另一個收容中心,我們繼續非正式的心理諮商, 災民也主動分享他們缺少了什麼東西,即使是一些非常平常的項目, 如:隱形眼鏡清洗液,嬰兒奶粉及食品,而這些平常的東西, 政府並不提供,所以,我們必須要協助他們。另一方面, 我們也試圖引導他們從不同的角度,來看待目前的困境。 因為畢竟生活在一個已開發國家和相當有組織的社會結構中, 他們所承受的痛苦,相較於過去海地地震的災民,已經好很多。

洋子(Yoko)和她的母親(Ayano)問我們, 激勵我們前進,積極從事奉獻與服務的動機為何?我們的解釋說, 與一般人不同,我們除了願意照顧自己的小家庭外, 更願意去照顧這個宇宙大家庭。

下午的部份時段,我們在忙著準備社區服務足球隊的相關工作, 我們計劃安排年輕人參加足球比賽,而為了提振團隊精神, 我們也將準備三十件橘紅色的衣服,讓大家更有行動在一起的感受。 此外,也希望透過團隊精神的建構, 能激勵大家一同參與整理家園的工作。

我們也得知另一個收容中心,對我們的瑜伽課也非常有興趣, 我們也草擬一個短期的課程規劃,希望明天能夠在那裡實施。

隊員們還是期待能多協助一些災民進行家園整理的工作, 即使那是一個非常累的工作,房子的泥濘也堆積的超乎想像。 而今天也有部份隊員前往多賀城(Tagajo),拜訪Saito 女士,我們曾在幾天協助她整理家園。而且我們也有一位從Fuku shima縣來的日本志工一起加入我們服務的團隊。




AMURT & AMURTEL Relief Work Report for Sunday 27th March 2011


Today we had the first yoga class but unfortunately most of the residents had gone to attend the funeral of one of the tsunami victims, so we managed to have only twelve refugees attending the class and they were from various age groups: from toddlers to ninety years old! Perhaps the standard of postures wasn’t always of the highest grade, but everyone felt cheered up by the program and felt easier in talking afterward. 


In another refugee centre we continued the informal counselling and this time people started to share about what they missed, simple items such as contact lens cleaning solution and baby’s milk powder & food, which it aren’t supplied by the government. We tried to help them see their predicament from a broader perspective, because after all living in a developed country and with a fairly organized social structure their suffering has been considerably less than what say Haitians earthquake victims are still enduring after more than one year.


Yoko and her mother Ayano were asking us what was motivating our service outlook and we explained that unlike most people do, we want to care for our big universal family as much as we care for our small family.


The afternoon was partly spent in preparing the artwork for the community service soccer club we plan to organize with the elder boys, we are currently looking to buy thirty orange shirts that will be used in friendly soccer matches and especially to create a team spirit to be expressed through volunteering in cleaning flooded homes.


We detected that there is some interest for yoga classes also at the international village refugee centre and tomorrow we will have a tentative plan to hold a yoga class there as well.


There is still a great desire amongst us to engage in house clearing job, never mind the mud, and today nothing could stop part of the team from travelling to Tagajo and visit Madam Saito-san whom we had helped clearing her home a fee days ago and we brought along solo Japanese volunteer from Fukushima also joined us for the brief cleaning-up.


Dada Ganadevananda


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